About The EGCMethod

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® (EGCMethod) was developed by Melisa Pearce, a core founder since 1989, of the horse-human healing movement. The experiential nature of the method involves the horse as an active partner with the coach in the client’s exploratory process. The integrative approach of the equine’s interaction combined with positive coaching, somatic awareness, guidance and Gestalt methodology, assist the client in examining their life and choices made with a focus on designing a positive future. Read more about Melisa by clicking here.

No horse experience is necessary to participate in an EGCM coaching session and you will not ride the horse — although, if you ride, you may find that the EGCM experience deepens the connection with your horses.

EGCM sessions can take many forms and are as unique as each individual who experiences the process. Some people prefer to have their EGCM session in private — just them, the horse and the EGCM coach. Others experience EGCM in a group setting such as a retreat or workshop. Many people find the group setting empowering and enlightening. In either setting, the EGCM coach will make sure you are treated with love, respect and that the coaching is provided in a
safe and nurturing environment.

What to Expect During Your EGCM Session:

There are some things you need to know in preparation for your EGCM session whether you participate in a private or a group setting.

• Wear appropriate clothing (something you don’t mind wearing in a barn).

• Consider the weather when choosing clothes.

• Wear closed toed shoes for safety.

You may also want to bring a journal with you to your EGCM session or workshop. Many people find it helpful to write about the epiphanies they experience during their sessions for later review and consideration. Journaling is also especially helpful when you experience EGCM in a group setting. As you watch others in your group experience the EGCM process, it will often elicit a deep and lasting response within you. In EGCM, we call this Borrowed Benefit™ and it can be truly awesome and powerful.

If you have any questions prior to or during your session, feel free to express them to your coach.

The EGCMethod® is different than any other type of equine coaching you may have experienced or seen. With EGCM the horse is an active partner in the coaching and healing process. Using their combined wisdom and intuition, the EGCM coach and their equine partner will guide you through your experience. Working together, they will help you isolate the unfinished business that is causing you pain or blocking your path to success and happiness. Then, through experiential interaction they will assist you in clearing the energy that has been holding you back or keeping you from your best self.

Just so you are aware, EGCM is an “in the moment” process — your EGCM coach will therefore not need personal information prior to your session. It is a principle of the EGCMethod that all of us carry the answers to our problems within us — the EGCM coach and their equine partner are there to guide and facilitate the process of discovery with you.