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Sara Shermon

Sara’s Story

Your life is the totality of your choices and we can only make decisions based on our current state of awareness. I partner with horses to shift awareness and bring healing to individuals and organizations by helping them realize the story that is keeping them stuck and shifting it so they can realize their chosen purpose and fulfill their potential.

I have been in the profession of ‘people’ my entire life. I grew up in the hospitality industry and after high school went on to do some world travel, always building my foundation in ‘people skills’. In 2001 I graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Counseling Psychology and Equine Experiential Learning. Prescott College’s motto “Education is a journey, not a destination” became my mantra. I have worked in the horse industry for many years in many capacities. I have been an instructor at the college level, worked in child welfare, youth and adult addiction recovery, juvenile justice and community mental health. All of this has been great preparation for the work I do today in partnership with my four legged friends. Preparation however, is not the same as inspiration. My inspiration for my work comes from the healing I received from these beautiful 4 legged creatures, who for me, exemplify strength and vulnerability.

Here is that story:

Not too many years ago I had given up hope. I couldn’t understand myself, my life or the world around me. I felt like a disappointment every time my eyes were open. I couldn’t hear anyone and they couldn’t hear me. I didn’t know up from down and I didn’t know how to trust – anything or anyone. I sensed this deep potential within myself and the world around me but I couldn’t access it. I knew the potential for connection, passion and purpose was there but the doorway alluded me.

I had been working with horses in a healing capacity for over 12 years when late 2012 I discovered a training program that shifted the way I see and work with horses as well as the way I see myself and my place in the world. I began my training in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method at a time of tragic endings and new beginnings. I had been underwater for a very long time, I had surfaced and floated around looking for my rudder, my passion, my purpose…and suddenly there it was for the taking.

The actual training in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method isn’t the only contributing factor to how I show up in the world today. It was the hours and hours of personal work (required for certification) through which I saw outside the limiting beliefs that were keeping me trapped, I experienced forgiveness and freely gave it, I learned to love without the fear of losing, I saw my true potential, and rather than shy away from it for fear of failure, I grabbed on with an unwavering grip. I finally felt empowered by my ability to ‘CHOOSE’ rather than feeling like I was a victim to the world around me.

I now call myself an AWEsomeness Coach. I want to help others find their rudder, their passion, their purpose. I want to ignite the AWEsome in people’s lives…. with fierceness and determination. We may have to visit the underwater part of our lives, we may have to explore some air leaks in the raft…and ultimately we will discover what is RIGHT with YOU so that you too can find your rudder, claim your life and literally gasp at the AWE around you and the awesomeness within.

That is why I do what I do. I found my access point to life and now I am here to guide others to find their own healing and joy. I am a guide pure and simple and I stand as an example that all of this is available to each and every one of us and the journey never ends. I know I haven’t said much about the role the Horse plays as my partner in this work. The truth is the Horse does most of the work…I simply ask poignant questions and assist the Horse in their pursuit of peace, safety and wholeness with our clients. I sometimes call our work Treasure Hunting….we all have treasure buried inside, sometimes we just need help finding it! I can take this coaching work out of the arena and I do so with gusto. I have great success with my clients over the phone, in my office and on the road. The horses and I work with people one on one and in groups of all shapes and sizes. I can travel to work with your horses or you can come and meet the Discovery Horse crew. The bottom line is to start the journey to discover Your Inner AWEsome! We can’t wait to join you!


• Women’s Empowerment
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• Family / Parenting
• Corporate & Team Building
• Custom Retreats/Workshops
• Horse & Human Bonding
• Phone & In Person Coaching
• Public Speaking

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
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• Workshops
• Retreats
• Team Building Retreats