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Samantha Marshall

Samantha’s Story

My first obsession with horses started when I was 8 years old, as I looked out the window while at my piano teacher’s house having a dreaded piano lesson, and realized that there was a riding stable right next door. The teacher’s house was fairly close to mine so I was very excited!

My next mission was to get my mother to take me there. That was quite a feat because she not only disliked like horses, but was afraid of them. I finally succeeded, because I think she thought it would shut me up – but of course just the opposite happened. Now I was begging for riding lessons. This time she dug her heels in. Finally, I talked her into letting me ride my bike down to the stable. I asked the owner/instructor if I could help in any way. He could see my passion and let me clean the stalls. Then I learned to saddle and bridle. I was always watching intently when he gave lessons.

One day, he finally decided that I should learn to ride – even if I couldn’t pay – so I was on my way. It remained a battle with my Mother to let me go there but I was relentless. I took to riding like a duck to water and felt that this was what I was meant to do. I would draw horses, paint figurines, collect pictures and porcelain statues. The shelves and walls of my room were full of them.

In time I became an excellent rider of gaited horses, and every school career paper was about being a horse breeder and trainer. Horses were what made life worth living for me.

It all ended with a horrific wrench when my dad suddenly moved the family to Arizona. As the years flew by, marriage and children took me in a different direction for a while – then my own beauty business and a clothing boutique – but a few years down the road I returned to my “first love”, and owned and operated a boarding and training stable. It also provided the facility and grounds for the polo team and their games in Scottsdale Arizona. But then life took another unexpected turn and I had to sell it, horses and all.
I became a professional astrologer and authored the book “Understanding Children Through Astrology,” that sold well in eleven countries and was available in all major book stores in the U.S. My practice was very busy with counseling and teaching, plus constant travel for book signings, TV and radio appearances. I published many articles in major magazines, had a weekly newspaper column and even had my own radio program. While still continuing with my astrology practice something else caught my eye . . .

I was inspired by the power of the Silva Method of Mind Development and resolved to complete the three-year training to become certified. I taught it for 10 years and received a Doctor of Psycho-Orientology Certification from Jose Silva himself. This was a healing technique that predated and is similar to what is now called Reiki -and I taught that as well. During this time I also trained and completed a certification course in NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programing, and am qualified to coach in that area too. These trainings inspired me to create and facilitate a variety of different seminars and workshops, including relationship, prosperity, self-esteem/empowerment, communication, family dynamics, team building and leadership skills – and of course astrology. I work with companies, women, couples, families, youth and teens.

I still have my astrological practice doing charts for people – and I am the only person in the US that does compatibility charts for horses and their human counterparts for compatibility.

Most recently, I have become a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach, assisting people to get free of emotional/mental blocks with the help of my equine partners. I became certified by Melisa Pearce, a leader in the horse-human healing movement since 1989, and the creator of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method EGCM(R) . By nature Gestalt is experiential and the horse becomes an active partner facilitating with the coach (me) in the client’s (you) exploratory process. We are finally realizing (at least some of us) the powerful healing abilities of the horse. They are amazing and show us remarkable things. They are living lie detectors who live in the now moment and show us when we are in our power and being authentic – true to ourselves. They are always authentic and are able to show us our truths. I have even had one help me make a very difficult decision and it couldn’t have worked out better! It was so improbable that I doubt I would have chosen to do it without his help. And yet here I am! Our training with Melisa and EGCM is all-encompassing. We learn Gestalt techniques and process. We learn about the horses and how to understand how and what they are communicating to us. We learn to combine intuitiveness, somatic awareness and positive coaching skills to our sessions. We also learn business skills as part of the training, which encompasses more than 82 class hours, 375 hours of intensive on-site training, multiple books with required written reports, 36 coaching sessions and an oral and written test with required CEUs. Melisa provides her graduates with everything they need to give the client the best possible experience. I feel privileged and delighted that I can assist others beneficially. Gestalt is much about uncovering unfinished business from the past and bringing it into the present to be released.

You can see from my life’s journey that I enjoy sharing transformational experiences with all who are ready. All you need is an open heart and a willingness to have life changing experiences with lasting and beneficial outcomes. The horses are fun and full of love and surprises too.

Come and join Samantha in her new location. Enjoy the beautiful red rocks and the healing energy of the vortexes. This experience alone is worth the trip, when you add the healing from the horses and Samantha’s experience it is a total win, win, win!

Samantha is an EGCM® Certified Practitioner since 2011.


• General EGCM
• Communications
• Family Dynamics
• Empowerment
• Corporate Leadership
• Team Building
• Astrology

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Phone Coaching
• Group sessions
• Workshops
• Retreats