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Lorrin Maughan

Lorrin’s Story

Have you ever felt frustrated because you have a burning desire to drive positive change in the world but you’re unsure how to do that AND balance your day to day commitments? Maybe you are burned out – because you are so passionate about different causes that you feel too stretched thin to effectively support any of them. My horse and I can help reconnect you with your strongest values and priorities so that you can focus on real change and making an impact without burning out.

I grew up in a country called Rhodesia, living through a civil war and witnessing the birth of a new nation (Zimbabwe), and finished High School in South Africa as that country underwent its own transformation. I subsequently moved to Australia to study, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Linguistics, and a Masters of Business in Employment Relations, and then ultimately moved to the United States through a corporate transfer. Travel has always been an important part of my life – I suppose being a perennial expat might have something to do with that – and finding opportunities to combine my passion for both travel and philanthropy is one of my favorite things to do.

My business experience spans multiple disciplines, including Human Resources, Marketing, Product and Program Management and Sales with large multinationals, namely American Express and Microsoft, as well as small and medium businesses, both in the United States and Australia. A common theme throughout my corporate career was the absolute joy I find in helping people discover and achieve their potential, and mentoring colleagues was one way I contributed within the corporate system.

In my twenties, I experienced a health crisis that would lead to a two-decade long struggle with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The frustrations, fears, setbacks and breakthroughs of that journey educated me on so many levels, spawning an interest in integrative and complementary healing modalities, inspiring me to become a Master in the energetic healing art of Reiki (Usui system). That long walk back to wellness also gave me opportunities to look within and realize behavioral patterns and belief systems that had been contributing to limitations in my life in general. I noticed too, the healing and empowering influence of animals and of service to others, ultimately connecting the spiritual as well as the physical influences on our overall wellbeing.

Philanthropy and volunteerism has sustained and strengthened me through many a “dark night of the soul”, and I discovered my tribe amongst those with a heart for activism and driving positive change in the world. Eventually the puzzle pieces fell into place (thanks to the thinking time provided by a spectacular burn out and the subsequent multi-month medical leave) and I realized my life’s work simply must involve the following:

• Contributing the perspective of my diverse life experiences,
• Applying my fascination with human behavior,
• Being of service to others in an integrative, holistic coaching role, and
• Working with animals. Enter Melisa Pearce and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ® – perfect synergy!

I had already left the corporate world to start my own coaching business and knew immediately this was going to be a perfect addition. I’ve always loved horses, and learned a lot of life lessons (not all of them easy!) at the hooves of my childhood pony, Blaze, although many were only assimilated later in life as I became more aware and in tune with myself, my animals and the world around me.

Later, volunteering at an equine rescue facility in Washington, I met Gift – my equine soul mate and partner. She brings a wisdom and compassion honed through motherhood and strengthened in the process of recovery from trauma – she knows what it means to fight for one’s very survival, and is exceptional in her ability to hold space for others facing all sorts of personal challenges.

Gift and I would love to partner with you on your journey of self-discovery, as you identify and clarify your core values, align with your inner change-maker and boost your positive impact on the world!

Lorrin is an EGCM® Certified Practitioner since 2015.


• Volunteerism and Sustainable Activism
• Career and Life Transitions
• Corporate and Personal Leadership
• Expatriate Integration

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Workshops
• Contact me for a customized program!