Goochland, Virginia
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Liz Liverman

Liz’s Story

Due to being born with a hearing loss, Liz has had to utilize other sense to be able to hear and communicate effectively with the environment around her.  She understands the challenge of being different and overcoming obstacles in today’s world. Liz has always been drawn towards animals, finding a special bond with horses and became a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach to help others find their authentic selves and gifts.

A lifelong horsewoman, Liz has always been fascinated by the interaction of horses and humans. She developed her ability to understand non-verbal cues at an early age and incorporates this skill in her work and teaching others how to access and use this part of themselves. She incorporates somatic awareness along with the EGC into her sessions, bringing about results that are often life-changing.

Find the power of your inner voice and discover what it is to be heard. Learn to listen to your intuition in everyday life and get in touch with your inner guidance system to live a more aware and authentic life. Let the horses assist you as you discover your intuition and how listening to your inner wisdom can bring about life changing clarity.


• General EGCM
• Women’s Empowerment
• Animal Communication and Intuition Workshops
• Energy Healing Workshops

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Team Building Workshops
• Self-Esteem Workshops