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Jennifer West

Reignite Your Fire

What does this mean?

It means allowing yourself to be curious about your world without the limiting beliefs you’ve created along the way. It’s about opening yourself to experiences as a means of growth and discovery. It’s about asking the questions that bring about positive action instead of the ones that stall momentum.

When was the last time you explored something just because it was interesting to you? Exploring not because you had to or others expected you to, but just for you?

When was the last time you encountered a problem but instead of seeing all reasons to quit you realized the beautiful vision of what could be accomplished?

When was the last time you joined your kids in their favorite outdoor activity?

When was the last time your body didn’t ache after the adventure?

Capriole Coaching exists to reawaken the adventurous child spirit within us all. We remind you that it’s ok to explore for no other reason then you can. Our core belief is that true happiness is achieved only after we open ourselves up to what we want in life and understand why we want it. Once this is accomplished you will have an opportunity to realize your dreams.

You will start your journey at the fundamental level of basic human movement. Learn again the natural abilities that you took for granted as a toddler and young child, and remember that we are not only mentally adaptable but also physically so. Direct experience is where our greatest learning happens. You will get the chance to reconnect with your body in a safe yet challenging way, which may have you re-evaluating what it means to “exercise”. We often take it for granted, but how we move and why we move is a mirror into how we live our day-to-day lives. As you re-evaluate what you know, you will start to see other life paths that could lead to higher potential and greater visions for you life.

But Capriole Coaching isn’t a fitness program (although you may get fit along the way!). It’s a life program and in life we need more then physical skills and abstract concepts to create what we want. We also need to have our heads in the game. For this type of work the best teachers are animals, particularly horses. All animals have something to offer, but horses, because of their nature, are able to teach us lessons that awaken us to our highest potential. Think about it: You can’t help but be present and in the moment when you are standing next to a 1200lb horse. They exude authenticity and awareness and expect nothing less from us. Have you ever wondered why so many children want a horse? Perhaps it’s because horses don’t judge us, yet they still expect us to be true leaders (or get out of the way so they can lead!). They certainly aren’t wishy washy in matters of boundaries, or leadership and they test you daily to make sure you are on your game. But they don’t do this for power or control, or to show they are better then you. Horses do it because they are prey animals and if they are not present and in the moment they get eaten alive. Sound familiar? Working with horses will teach you what true leadership looks like. Working with horses will teach you about being present, following through and working with others to make the whole team stronger.

The insight into ourselves that we receive from our own physical movements and interactions with horses opens us up to who we want to be and who we can be. We start to see a world full of possibilities again and we are able to explore, play and create the way we did when we were young. Childlike enthusiasm coupled with maturity, responsibility, and follow through are a powerful combination for creating greatness. Reignite your fire for life! Join us and experience play in a whole new way.


• Functional Movement
• Family
• Relationships

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Workshops