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Jaimie Stoltzfus

Jaimie’s Story

If you are looking for Jaimie, people that know her well would to say to look on the back of a horse first. Jaimie Stoltzfus, founder of Spurring Change, has been around horses for as long as she can remember. As a little girl, she would ride with her dad in the mountains of Arizona where she was born and raised and her passion for horses grew as she got older. Over the years, Jaimie has been involved in many riding disciplines including hunter/jumper, dressage, cutting, ranch and team roping, and more. She was fortunate to have two great horse mentors in her teenage years that shaped her philosophies on horsemanship which she has continued to build upon.

Jaimie studied Equine Science and Agriculture Business at Colorado State University while simultaneously apprenticing and training with some of the best horse trainers and clinicians in the area. She has had a few special horses over the years that taught her a tremendous amount about herself, horsemanship, and life. She recognized at young age that horses have so much to offer and teach us just by how they are created.
Upon graduating college, Jaimie moved to Montana to continue on her journey to live out her calling. She pursued a shared dream with her husband to live, work, and play on a cattle ranch and you will find them today running a 6500 acre cattle ranch in the mountains of Southwestern Montana with their eight horses and four dogs.

A few years ago, Jaimie felt the urge to help people in a new way and share the gifts she has been blessed with. Jaimie started researching how she could combine her passion for horses and passion for people and came across Touched By A Horse. Jaimie enrolled in the TBAH Equine Gestalt Certification Program with Melisa Pearce. After 18 months, which included more than 82 class hours, 26 coaching sessions, and 250 hours of intensive on-site training, Jaimie became certified as an Equine Gestalt Coach. She is now leveraging her gift with people and her connection to horses to help others live full, happy, centered lives through her business, Spurring Change.

Jaimie spends her days in the saddle on the ranch and is a true cowgirl in every sense of the word. She couples her ranch life with her coaching practice giving a unique perspective and a one of a kind experience to all who come to work with her and her horses. Jaimie specifically focuses on building and maintaining healthy relationships and helping families affected by divorce. Raised in a split family, with her parents divorcing when she was just 3 years old, Jaimie has a heightened sensitivity to the impact that environmental circumstances have on relationships and on children. This awareness allows her to bring a different perspective to people struggling with the most important relationships in life. She is passionate about helping people find the healthy relationship they have always dreamed of, taking a relationship from good to great, or helping people move in a positive direction through or after a divorce.


• Relationship Coaching
• Divorce Support
• Couples Sessions
• Kids and Divorce

Spurring Change is located in the beautiful mountains in Southwestern Montana. Whether you want to learn more about yourself, strengthen or mend a relationship, or heal a family after divorce, Spurring Change is the place where you can safely create positive change and new direction. Work with Jaimie, founder of Spurring Change, and her horses in Montana to discover positive ways to make change in your life and transform your relationships.

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Workshops
• Retreats