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Emma Cruse

About The Arion Center

The Arion Center is committed to changing a human-horse relationship based on force and subjugation to one founded on mutual growth and the respect for the dignity of both horse and human. We believe horses have an immense gift to offer humans through their compassion, honesty, and love. The Arion Center fosters equine experiential human growth employing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ and the philosophy of Organic Horsemanship©. The Arion Center invites you to explore our programs and discover how the human-horse relationship can change your life. By offering our clients, through partnership with horses, the opportunity for positive emotional and cognitive development, The Arion Center serves our human friends, our equine partners, and our community.

About Emma Cruse

Emma Cruse is a life-long student of horses and everything they have to teach. She’s studied with some of the world’s most renowned teachers of non-coercive horsemanship including Denmark’s Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling (“Classical European Horse Meditation”), Canada’s Michael Bevilacqua (the official North American representative of Navzorov Haute Ecole), Marlene and Deborah McCormick (Institute for Conscious Awarenes), and North America’s Franklin Levinson (“Way of the Horse.”) Emma is also a graduate of Caroline Rider ‘s (Rider Horsemanship) 12-week Rider Horsemanship apprenticeship. A passionate student of human growth and development, Emma designed her undergraduate degree at Goddard College to explore human psychology and the role horses can play in establishing balance and self-discovery for their two-legged partners. Emma is a licensed graduate social worker and a certified Equine Gestalt Coach. Although the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ is not therapy, Emma draws upon her experiences as a mental health and substance abuse counselor to enrich and inform her coaching practice. In September, 2012 Emma graduated from Melisa Pearce’s Equine Gestalt Coaching ™ Certification Program ( Emma is among those trained graduates who have benefited from Melisa’s expertise and experience as a psychotherapist and core founder of the horse healing movement. Emma’s vision for The Arion Center, its horses, and the people who come to it is to create positive growth and awareness through an “organic,” healing partnership between horse and human. This partnership, built on the principles of Emma’s Organic Horsemanship © philosophy and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ will allow horses and humans to create a brighter future.


• Family & Couples Counseling
• Grief and loss
• Addiction
• Sibling and Parent-Child Relationships
• Physical and Emotional Trauma
• Life Course and Transitions
• Women’s Empowerment and Community
• Spirituality
• Team Building

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Workshops
• Retreats