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Elizabeth Winnes

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth carries two degrees in business and a certification in the equine gestalt coaching method, but it is her unquenchable thirst for knowledge and her ability to overcome adversity that have been her greatest teachers.
No stranger to challenges, Elizabeth has turned hardship into healing her own heart. In that process she has uncovered ways to heal the hearts of others through exploration of the damages caused by those who would seek to limit our joy or negate our full potential. Her mission in life is to continuously find balance and inner peace through the tumult that surrounds us and share this gift to those who seek to recognize, realize, and embolden their own dreams.
Elizabeth, an empath from birth, has developed her inner spirit through a true love for helping both animals and people. It was while running a private horse rescue that she realized a way to immerse her two passions, creating a path that would lead her to find and share her mission to heal.
Elizabeth rides through life with the belief that success is limitless. She is an advocate for men, women, and children of domestic violence.
She believes that the only thing holding someone back is their inability to discover or embrace their vast possibilities.
Through the gestalt process, her clients reclaim their destiny and rid themselves of reinforced, negative self-limiting beliefs that have placed restrictions on the path of finding their bliss.
Elizabeth values compassion above all else. She takes pride in living a life of integrity. While guiding her clients through their own journey to personal wholeness, she enjoys the borrowed benefits of her own personal growth through each and every interaction she has with both humans and horses.


Reclaim those pieces of yourself you gave away to others and discover your destiny. Elizabeth can assist you in breaking out of that box you put yourself in to feel safe, and in letting go of those selflimiting beliefs that are holding you back from being all you were created to be.



  • abuse
  • youth empowerment
  • life in transition
  • divorce recovery
  • self discovery
  • communication skills
  • relationships
  • self compassion
  • self esteem
  • bullying

Types of Experiences Available:

  • One on One
  • Group
  • Workshops
  • Retreats