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BB Harding

BB’s Story

When the angels knock, one can either react or respond. It would be nice to say I have been a responder, however, it is more accurate to say that I have been a reactor. For the last few years, it has been somewhat clear that I have a destiny to be a messenger. The struggle has been for what. That single question had been the primary reason for reaction rather than responding. I don’t find myself drawn to extreme causes, mostly because I have a gentle heart. Several years ago, I reluctantly released a book where I served as a messenger for essential oils. I acted as an interpreter to allow them to express how they might be used at the emotional spiritual level, not primarily at the physical level. I use reluctantly because at that time, I had moved on from my sideline business where I sold adjuncts to essential oils and returned to the corporate world. Again, a reaction rather than a response.

In September, 2008, unbeknownst to me, a new journey was being introduced into my life. I did a weekend workshop with Melisa Pearce and was exposed to the healing heart of horses. How I got to the workshop, I don’t remember, and yet I am clear that it was an act of what I call angelic intervention. I recall I found out about it just before it happened, signed up and was in the chair before I knew it. Shortly after that workshop, Melisa launched the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® program. At that time, I nearly joined, however, my own guidance steered me in another direction I wasn’t quite ready for the experience.

In June of 2011, an email invite crossed my desk, something to the effect of creating a new career doing healing work with horses. If I was interested, then call in and listen to Melisa’s presentation. I did, and started in the program with the July 2011 cohort. This was the first of many responses throughout the next two years. Prior to the program, my exposure to horses was minimal. I had what I call an admiration for them, however, unlike many of my cohort, I couldn’t say I was in love with them. I hadn’t really had any up-close and personal experiences of pouring my heart out to a favored companion throughout the travails of my growing life. The thing that I was immediately taken with was the initiation into the world of horse as I learned to halter Shadow. How he held space for me and gently made himself available to me as I fumbled with getting the halter on – as if he was saying “ah, I have another newbie to train.”

Almost immediately after starting the program the name of my business “A Horse and a Wizard” was intuitively presented to me. Throughout the program, I had no idea how this would all come together – it really boiled down to follow the bread crumbs, trust the process, and allow the mysteries to unfold. In May of 2012, I began to get intuitive messages from a horse here and there. I might be in their presence, or might be at home, and a thought would come to me from one of them. I wouldn’t classify it as an animal communicator type of message where there is a dialog back and forth, more of what I think of as a universal teaching that could apply to the human condition. I began to collect them into a book that will come out as the Songs of Equus. I intend to publish multiple small volumes as e-books, and eventually collect them into a paper book. The first volume contains perspectives from the horses I have met in the EGC Method program. I anticipate that as I continue the journey of responding, other horses will beam me their messages when the time is right.

Nearly two years later, I have completed the EGC program, and have learned much about the giving nature of Equus. As the program neared its end, I was introduced to a new modality, that of doing Neuro Integration ON horses. I got certified in the human version of Neuro Integration (NI) in March of 2013, and have also learned to do the basic integration on horses.

Since then, I have begun to find my own unique flow. I talk about my experience with horses by promoting the information in Songs of Equus; offer individual NI sessions; provide phone coaching; and combine the methodologies of EGC and NI to offer NI WITH horses. Transformative work has been unfolding with the combination of the two.

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