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Ashara Morris

Ashara’s Story

I have been in love with animals my entire life. I walked like a horse before I walked like a person, much to the embarrassment of my loving-but-wondering-what-was-up-with-me midwest family. In front of cousins and friends was okay, but in church? Not so much. I did learn to control the urge to whinny and prance at inopportune moments, but I can still do a pretty good sidepass, given enough encouragement. Animals have always been a part of my life, and when I was younger, I had serious conversations with them. I knew what they were saying to me. However, as I got older, other things got in the way, like school, friends who just didn’t quite get it, then work and making a living. Despite all the outside focus, I was never without a special animal in my life, except for a very brief time when living in California. The apartment building didn’t allow pets. I let that stop me for about four months, and then smuggled in an adorable black kitten named Harvey. Harvey and I were asked to leave, very nicely, a couple of months later. I realized at that time that there was no way I would be without an animal friend ever again. Fast forward a number of years, and through all of my own personal growth work, I’ve discovered, once again, the joy of conversation and interaction with the animals. Now, however, it’s at a whole different level. They are not “just a horse” or “just a dog” to me. They have something to say to us, something to teach us, and we in turn have a responsibility to treat them with dignity, respect and L-O-V-E. We must L-isten to them, O-bserve their actions, V-alue what they bring to life, and E-ncourage them in their every endeavor. Hmmm, sounds like something we could do for ourselves, too, doesn’t it? And for other humans. Harmony’s Heart Farm was founded with the idea that we can all make our lives, and the lives of our animal friends, a little bit better if we’re willing to trust ourselves enough to L-O-V-E. Home of the Pet Yente, who occasionally pops her head up with some animal witticism or another, it’s a place to spend time with the horses, the barn cats, and our precious Baby-the-dog, our very own rescue dog poster child. When she first came to us, we couldn’t touch her, and had to leave a leash on her 24 x 7 so we could keep her safe. Now, a few years later, she goes on long walks around our rural neighborhood off leash and helps me every morning feed the horses and barn cats, then patrol the area to make sure all is well. She’s come a long way, and so have we, as we’ve grown in L-O-V-E together. We hope you’ll join us on the farm.


• Pets
• Preparation for bringing home a rescued animal.

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Group sessions
• Workshops

Harmony’s Heart Farm is dedicated to being in service to those who have opened their homes and hearts to an animal in need. Those animals require that we are always authentic and real. Explore your inner landscape and discover the joy of connecting with your animal friend at a whole new level.