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Annette Price

About Annette

Welcome to On the Wings of a Horse. My name is Annette Price. I am a “seeker”, a perpetual student and life on this planet fascinates me. The journey that I embarked on over twenty-five years ago has led many places, over flowed with marvelous people, found me setting at the feet of wondrous teachers, and offered up a myriad of experiences beyond what I ever felt possible. It has not always been easy; in fact what launched me onto this path in the first place was an experience that left me questioning whether to even stay on this planet at all. I felt there had to be a better way to live and decided if I were to stay, then I needed to find it.

I woke up one day and realized my prayers had been answered.

Here I am, living in an old farm house on a small piece of property one mile east of the Platte River and the snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains out my back door, with my horses and donkeys and a swell cat named Magic.

Becoming a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach is a culmination of all the life experiences that have molded me into the person that I am today. I see this program as a beautifully woven basket that has the ability and capacity to hold all the wild and crazy gifts that I have searched for, studied, and can now add to my “tool box”.

I learned cycles of the moon and “awareness” of life around me, from my family. I learned listening skills as a Victim Assistant Advocate for the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department. I learned about self-motivation, and a few business skills, running a small real estate appraisal shop for over thirty years. I learned that everything I thought I knew was meaningless as my baby cried in the night and all I could do was hold him in my arms, pace the floor, and pray for guidance.

I learned survival skills as a single mom and bought myself tools from the hardware store every year for Father’s Day! My eyes were opened to the healing that flows between a horse and a human when I volunteered for two years at Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center and worked with a small class of autistic children. I learned about herbs and wild foods, and the healing energy of Reiki and etheric clearing work. I have traveled around the country and sat in circles doing ceremony; praying for Mother Earth and all beings of the universes. From losing my balance and tripping over obstacles, I learned how to pick myself up, dust off and move forward. And there is so much more to explore ….. !

When horses came back into my life, I had no idea what a wonderful and exciting element would be added to the mix. I was looking for a trail riding buddy who would carry me into the mountains. I got so much more. Horses are teaching me how to live in the moment. Everyone says that but it is so true. It has also been said that learning good horsemanship makes us better people and I believe that it is, if not the understatement of the century, totally true. They have so much to offer us and they do it so willingly: communication skills, trust, friendship, balanced energy, an ability to sort out what is important and what is not, and living together in harmony. As I attempt to write this I find myself thinking of all the wonderful things that I would like to share, and it still amazes me!! There is so much.

I have spent the last four years watching the healing that happens when people and horses come together. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it involves buckets of tears, and sometimes there are spontaneous outbursts of pure joy ~ all are a miracle to behold. Witnessing these marvelous things, I have once again put on my “seeker” hat, determined to explore how these marvelous creatures are coming to our aid.

To that end, I founded the Healing Horse Registry InternationalTM, whose mission is: “To collect, explore, and document empirical knowledge of what horses are doing for us; to bring awareness to those who have yet to experience the healing powers of the horse; and to join with those groups who are dedicated to the preservation and humane treatment of the animal kingdom, especially our horses.” This project is an extension of my vision of working with people and equine partners to bring about a healthier and happier way to live.

There is a better way, and we here at Dragonfly Farm, can help you find yours. We invite you to join us on this journey. On the Wings of a Horse is here to lift you up ~ to soar and explore fresh new ways of being!

Please Note: We can bring our workshops and team building exercises to Your Place!!

Horse experience is not necessary to participate ~ you need only an open heart and a willingness to have fun. We invite you and your inner child out to play ~ share a day in the country with horses and new friends.

WARNING: These experiences are wildly addictive, but know in advance that the horses have another fabulously farm day planned for you!!


• Individual Coaching
• Team Building
• Find One’s Power
• Protecting That Which is Wild
• Who is Driving your Buggy?
• Nature Inspired Creative Writing
• Recognize the Joy
• Energy Clearing

Types of Experiences Available:

• One-on-one sessions
• Phone Coaching
• Group sessions
• Workshops
• Retreats
• Exploring Wild Foods